Starting in 1983, Grateful Farm began by growing herbs using chemical free, organic practices. As time went on, we expanded to grow a wide variety of vegetables and greens.  Today we manage five acres in Franklin, MA utilizing the land in the best ways possible to offer the freshest produce to our community. We continue to use only organic methods on all of our products so you can rest assured that you are eating the best that is available when you purchase from Grateful Farm.

Grateful Farm is a small venture with great aspirations. We are proud to offer only the highest quality produce, selling only what we grow here in Franklin, MA. It is our hope to thrive, and in doing so, retain some of the rural character that has attracted so many people to our community. We thank you for giving us that opportunity through your purchase.

Check out our Where to Find Us page for our open farm hours and farmers' markets that we attend. You can also find us on Facebook where we share updates with any specials happening and vegetables currently ready for sale.  Can't attend our open hours? No problem, send us a message, through the Contact page or Facebook, and we can find a time that works.

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